Founded in 2016, experienced for decades. Our highly motivated and devoted team has long experience in international commodity inspections and supply chain management solutions

Our Knowledge


Inspection and sampling as per ISO 542:1995 sampling procedures. Handling, inspection and sampling of oilseeds, like soya, sunflower and rapeseed, are known to us…

Oils & Fats

Inspection and sampling as per ISO 5555:2001 sampling procedures. We have excellent knowledge to handle, inspect and sample all animal, marine and/or vegetable oils & fats…


As high quality of animal, marine and/or vegetable oil based chemicals like Glycerol, Glycerin, Fatty Acids and Fatty Alcohols, we have long experience in handling, inspect and sample these cargoes…

Knowing the international contract terms and the customers responsibilities in the trade of international commodities, we have excellent knowledge in handling your cargoes.

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